Red Thai Curry with Tofu

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Adjust Servings:
5 oz Firm Tofu It should be raw, do not cook it
1 1/4th cup coconut milk
1 cup veg or chicken broth or plain water It should be raw, do not cook it
1 tablespoon Red Thai Curry Paste
1-2 tablspoon dark organic Maple Syrup
½ cup chopped Thai basil It should be raw, do not cook it
½ cup kafir lime leaves
1 cup Green & Red Bell Peppers chopped
1 cup chopped pineapple cubes
½ cup chopped red onions It should be raw, do not cook it
½ cup baby corn
½ cup bamboo shoots
taste Salt
1 tablespoon coconut oil

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Red Thai Curry with Tofu

Smooth, creamy and a little bit spicy

      • 35 min
      • Serves 4
      • Medium




      This is one of my favorite go to dishes for a cold wintry evening. It has every single flavor you crave when its cold. It is spicy, creamy and sweet at the same time! Besides, its so healthy.

      We get protein from the tofu, vitamins A & C from the bell peppers, pineapple & multiple health benefits from bromelain which pineapples provide in abundance.

      Not to forget the dietary fiber, digestive & anti-inflammatory benefits we get from adding other vegetables- onion, bamboo shoots & baby corn. What else can one ask for when you get such a tasty, nutritious meal along with a bowl of piping hot rice or Quinoa or noodles? Yum…I made it in the IP on sauté mode, but it can be made in the wok too.

      This delicious butternut squash soup is a great base – try it with pasta or pearl barley thrown in

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      Red Thai Curry with Tofu


      1. If using the IP turn it on the sauté mode.

      2. If not use a wok.

      3. Add coconut oil first, let it warm up.

      4. Next add the red thai curry paste.

      5. Mix it with the oil.

      6. To this add the coconut milk.

      7. Make sure entire paste gets dissolved in the coconut milk such that it turns red.

      8. Next, add the tofu and let it cook with the tofu for 3 mins to let the flavors seep together.

      9. Then add the onions, bell peppers, baby corn & bamboo shoots to the wok along with the broth.

      10. Add salt.

      11. Add maple syrup.

      12. Mix it all well.

      13. Cover and let it simmer for 3 mins.

      14. Lastly add the pineapple & Thai basil.

      15. Mix it.

      16. Simmer it for 2 more mins and its ready to be served with rice or noodles!


      Avoid Maple syrup if you are a diabetic. In that case, reduce the amount of Thai red curry paste slightly as the sweetness in the dish will only come from the pineapple then.


      How To Make Red Thai Curry with Tofu

      Dr Bijal

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